Advance Consulting is implementing a 3-year horticultural pilot project in Jordan. The project started in January 2019 and is financed by the Dutch Government. As part of this project 10 production and export marketing pilots will be implemented together with Jordan small and medium-sized horticultural farms and their export partners. The outcomes of these pilots will be used to contribute to the development of a strategic plan scaling up of sustainable and market-driven growth in Jordan’s horticultural sector.


Jordan is a major regional producer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Middle East. Exports, farmer income and employment opportunities have sharply reduced in recent years. Jordan has been cut off from some of its main export markets due to the Syrian crisis. In addition, competition levels in some of its other export markets are increasing. Meeting product quality standards and controlling MRLs is a challenge for some export growers. Productivity and efficient use of the scarcely available irrigation water are other challenges.


The pilot project “Inclusive Horticulture Value Chains” implemented by Advance Consulting and its consortium partners is part of the Dutch-Jordan collaboration in the sector. The Dutch Government supports Jordan to develop a sustainable, internationally competitive and inclusive horticulture sector. The pilot project complements other Dutch-supported initiatives implemented by CBI (export marketing), Eco-Consult (hydroponic cultivation) and ILO (decent work standards for farm workers). The expected impact is measured in terms of rural job creation and income generation, efficient resource utilization (water in particular) and overall export growth. Key areas of intervention under the pilot project “Inclusive Horticulture Value Chains” include:


  • Connecting chain actors and the stimulation of collaboration between exporters, farmers, input providers, policy makers, extension services and knowledge institutes
  • Improving compliance of Jordanian produce to international food safety and quality standards in high-potential export markets
  • Building capacity and improving know-how on (water) efficient and high-quality production
  • Introduction of low cost-high impact innovations which can create quick-wins in terms of (a) higher productivity and product quality; (b) reduced relative production costs; (c) reducing water and energy use; (d) sustainable jobs in the horticulture sector


Advance Consulting will coordinate the project and will also provide business development assistance and horticulture supply chain support. We will be working closely together with the technical experts of:


  • Wageningen University & Research (crop protection, nursery and crop cultivation, soil management, water use efficiency and post-harvest processes)
  • Profyta (hands-on advice and training for horticulture growers)
  • HollandDoor (matching specific needs for products and services in the Jordan horticultural sector with potential input and technology suppliers in the Netherlands)


 For more information on this project, please contact Lisette Zewuster.