Solidaridad, East-West Seed and AgroTec have been awarded a grant by the Sustainable Development Goals Partnership (SDGP) programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The objective of the project is to contribute to the development of sustainable and climate-resilient smallholder vegetable-based cropping systems in the Barisal and Chittagong Divisions. 


Smallholder vegetable-cropping systems are no longer viable under conditions where changing weather patterns pose increasing levels of risks. Moreover, poor input and crop market integration, absence of farmer organisation and logistical challenges make farmers extremely vulnerable to market risks. The project is built around three impact pathways that are focused on smallholder vegetable farmers and tailored to improving their resilience to climate risks, improving their farm-level productivity, and finally enhancing their access to input and output markets and other agricultural services.


The first impact pathway is dedicated to the training of smallholder vegetable farmers in the implementation of climate-smart and food-safe vegetable production practices. The second impact pathway focuses on the mobilization and training of young rural entrepreneurs to set up marketing and collection centres for the supply of inputs, the marketing of vegetables and the provision of advisory, financial and mechanization services. The third impact pathway revolves around creating an enabling environment for climate-resilient and sustainable vegetable production through the development of a climate-smart Bangladesh GAP.


Within the timeframe of 5 years, 25,000 smallholder vegetable farmers, of which 16,250 women, will become more resilient to climate and market-related risks and derive a sustained income from vegetable production and marketing. Moreover, the project will achieve that 19,750 hectares of farmland will be under climate-resilient and sustainable production practices and assist 100 young men and women (<35 years) to develop economic income-generating activities through setting up marketing and collection centres for the provision of agricultural services.


Advance Consulting supported Solidaridad, the consortium leader, throughout the application trajectory, including the development of the project proposal and assistance with the required due diligence activities. Interested to learn how Advance Consulting can assist your organisation in developing a winning proposal? Contact us to find out whether your proposition may qualify for grant funding. For more information about this project, you can reach out to Michel Geerligs (