We are proud to announce that our client Ovoprot International, an egg processing company, received the 2017 Excellence in Innovation price from the Ministry of Production Development and Plural Economy of Bolivia. The project was supported with a grant from the PSI programme of the Dutch government. Advance Consulting assisted the project partners with their application for the grant and project management.

Ovoprot’s new egg processing plant was officially inaugurated last November in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The liquid egg and egg powder products are currently being introduced in the Bolivian market. These products offer a solution to the food safety and waste issues in the local food industry, which currently relies on the less hygienic process of breaking fresh eggs manually. Ovoprot International was established in 2014 by partners Ovoprot International S.A. from Argentina and the Bolivian companies Avícola Modelo Bolivia and Granja San Miguel, both important players in the Bolivian egg production sector.

The processing plant will process eggs provided by Ovoprot’s own, newly established barn egg farm and barn eggs purchased from contracted and trained farmers. More information is available on Ovoprot’s website.