The Burkina Dry More project (2020-2023), led by Advance Consulting, has officially been launched in Bobo-Dioulasso! In the week of may 31st, a delegation of the Dutch embassy visited the local office, met the consortium partners (Sense, AgroDev, Afrique Verte and Timini) and visited the selected mango processing factories who will play a key role in the processing of new crops. The highlight of the week was the official and festive launch of the project, represented by the directors of all consortium partners, the Ambassador of the Netherlands, the High Commissioner of the Hauts-Bassins region and many interested companies and institutes. Moreover,, one of the largest news websites in the country, reported the event.


The Project: Burkina Dry More

The value chain of dried mangoes is the showpiece of the Burkinabé agriculture sector: mangoes are processed in state-of-the-art processing factories, that offer a well certified product (HACCP, and in many cased also BRC, Organic and FairTrade) that is often exported to high-end markets as the EU and the UK. The Burkina Dry More project will leverage this strong infrastructure by introducing new products in the mango off-season. After a thorough study, Burkina Dry More has selected the following products: ginger, hibiscus, fonio and kilichi (dried meat). This will not only accelerate the economic activities at the level of the processing factories, but will also improve the livelihood of the farmers who produce these crops. After three years, this will improve the revenue and climate resilience of 3,000 farmers, and will extend the availability of work for at least 850 people (with a focus on youth and women employment).  

For more information about this project, please contact Titus Sendrovicz, refer to the project website or to this video.