In the recently concluded Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP Africa) Clean Energy Powering Green Growth call of 2020 for East and Southern Africa counties, EUR 8.3 million has been allocated going to clean energy companies, especially those with strong representation from local and women entrepreneurs. The theme was clean energy for productive use and clean energy in circular economy solutions.  The grant seeks to support impact-driven companies, start-ups, and social enterprises within 15 sub-Saharan Africa countries access blended funding of between EUR 200,000 to EUR 500,000 each. A total of 26 projects were approved out of a possible 357 applications for projects in 14 countries Southern and East Africa Countries.


Advance Consulting supported 3 companies across 3 different counties in putting forward successful grant applications totalling EUR 1.25 million for the call. The 3 are Mandulis Energy in Uganda, Clamore Solar in Zimbabwe and ASOBO in Kenya.


Mandulis (Uganda) in partnership with a local aggregator and food processor, are setting up biogas powered 500 kW mini-grid for the supply of electricity and biogas to households and small businesses in Paminolango in Northern Uganda. The electricity produced is expected to power the grain mills at the agro-processing facility, as well as a microgrid for local households. The biogas will be stored in pressurised gas cylinders and sold to schools, hospitals, businesses and households for cooking. The project is expected to impact 4,000 small farmers, 50% are women, and enhance their incomes, offer affordable electricity to 75 households, public entities and C&I clients. Up to 550 customers will benefit from affordable cooking gas enabling the displacement of diesel, wood and charcoal reducing 4,555 tonnes of CO2e emissions per year and generate significant savings on energy-related costs. EEP advanced a grant funding of EUR 500,000 to Mandulis and its partner to cover the high capital expenditure required for the digester and mini-grid.


Clamore Solar (Zimbabwe) was awarded a grant of EUR 250,000 to enable the distribution and installation of high-performing solar egg incubators to poultry farmers in rural Zimbabwe. Clamore will target households, entrepreneurs and MSMEs through partnerships with local farmer associations. The EEP grant will allow Clamore to integrate and pilot a PAYG (Pay As You Go) system into its products and reach a lower-income customer segment of the poultry value chain. Through the project, Clamore seeks to install 500 solar egg incubators to assist 2,100 people in the productive use of energy, increase their farms' output, improving their income whilst enhancing food security. As poultry is a predominantly women-driven enterprise, the project will mostly provide income-generating opportunities for local women.


ASOBO (Kenya) is a start-up piloting the leasing of premier electric outboard motors, e-Boarders, to fishers operating in Lake Victoria. ASOBO has been awarded a grant of EUR 500,000 to pilot a leasing model for 600 electric powered motors boat units. They will establish renewable energy powered recharging hubs equipped with cold storage, processing and direct access to off-takers. ASOBO seeks to saves more than 1,300 tCO2e per year, equivalent to taking 300 cars off the road, increase fishers disposal income by an average of 20% and delivers a quieter, more convenient and safer fishing solution.


Advance Consulting has to date been able to secure EEP funding for multiple companies in Africa. We assist all partner companies throughout the application trajectory, including the development of the project proposal and assistance with the required due diligence activities. Interested to learn how Advance Consulting can assist your company in developing a winning proposal? Contact Thomas Obiero  to find out whether your proposition may qualify for grant funding.