Advance Consulting and Aeres Training Center International join forces to offer a new Masterclass Access2Finance for livestock companies in emerging economies. The course will be held from June 18 to June 29, 2018, in Barneveld, The Netherlands.

Innovations and development of companies in the livestock sector are often slowed down because financial and economic aspects of the technical and operational improvements are not adequately addressed. Investments in new facilities and production improvements require a thorough assessment of the financial viability and economic feasibility before these can be approved and implemented.

Attracting loans and/or equity for businesses in the livestock sector requires a detailed understanding of the markets, economic, financial and operational aspects of the proposed investments. Investors require a bankable business plan before they can endorse the funding. Advance Consulting and Aeres International Training Center jointly developed a high-level Masterclass Access2Finance intended for (financial) managers, trainers and advisors of medium-sized companies active in the livestock sector in emerging economies. These could be livestock production companies, food processors, feed companies and others active in the livestock input supply and services sector.

The Masterclass will cover theoretical and practical elements so that the participants will gain new knowledge and the skills for the application in practice, leading to the preparation and presentation of a bankable business proposal. For detailed information and to apply, refer to Aeres' website