GNS Seeds Ltd, a joint venture that was set up with the assistance of Advance Consulting, received an award from the Ministry of Agriculture in Nepal for its extraordinary performance in seed production and marketing. The award ceremony is organized annually on the occasion of World Food Day by the Agribusiness Promotion & Marketing Development Directorate of the same ministry. 


CGNS Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between BLC (Bhuramal Lunkarandas Conglomerate), Nepal, and North-South Seed Ltd. (NSSL), Bangladesh. Located at Kusaha, Sunsari, the company’s wide-ranging activities comprise production, processing and distribution of agricultural products like field crop seeds, fodder seeds, vegetable seeds (both open-pollinated and hybrid) and cereal seeds. The company is one of the pioneer hybrid seed producers in Nepal. It sells seeds within the country through regional and district level market outlets, but also exports.


CGNS is the only seed company in Nepal with a fully computerised and mechanised seed processing plant including automatic cleaning, drying, grading and packaging facilities as well as a dehumidified cold storage facility. Till date, the company registered three hybrid variety vegetables and more are in the process of registration. CGNS Seeds currently employs over 100 staff and works with 200 smallholder farmers as seed propagators.