DHI is a programme that supports Dutch companies to invest or execute a project in emerging markets and developing countries. RVO has decided to make some relevant changes to the programme. 


The most important change that RVO has made to the programme regards the transition from a tender-based application procedure to a first-come, first-served based application procedure. Applicants are still required to submit a QuickScan before they can submit a full proposal. In 2019, the budget for the DHI scheme is EUR 9m, of which EUR 4m will be dedicated to projects in developing countries. The maximum grant is EUR 200,000 for demonstration projects and EUR 100,000 for feasibility and pre-investment studies. As of this year, DHI can fund a maximum of 60% for projects in fragile states and focus countries.


For more information about the DHI scheme, please refer to the dedicated DHI grant page. Interested to learn how Advance Consulting can assist your company in developing a winning proposal? Contact Advance Consulting to find out whether your proposition may qualify for grant funding from the DHI programme.