On 7 February 2020, Stahl opened a Center of Excellence for sustainable leather technologies in India (Kanpur), which is part of a public-private partnership project between business, non-profit organisations and a local government. The initiative was supported by the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW), which is a programme that aims to contribute to water safety and water security in developing countries. Advance Consulting assisted the partnership with developing a successful proposal. 


The local leather industry uses the Ganges river for processing as well as for the disposal of wastewater. However, the same river also provides water to around 40% of India's population. The aim of the Center of Excellence is to demonstrate new technologies and to train tannery staff to apply more sustainable practices, which should ultimately lead to a cleaner Ganges. In the center, local tanneries can work together with experts to gain experience in the use of new technologies, with a particular focus on reducing water pollution in the nearby tannery clusters. In this way, water consumption can be reduced by 40% and standards for wastewater quality can be met.


For more information about this project refer to the website of RVO or contact Frank Joosten.