Recently, we have supported four of our business clients from the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland to start new activities. The investments by the involved companies will be supplemented by grant funding, obtained with the assistance of Advance Consulting. 


The four projects focus on coffee processing, culinary education, integrated seaweed cultivation and a dry waste value chain and take place in Kenya, Madagascar, the Philippines and Nepal respectively. The proposed interventions are expected to bring along broad impact for the client's local partner as well as their supply chain partners and local communities.


The project in Nepal follows our previous engagement with the client. Three years ago we have supported this client with establishing a compost facility. With that project successfully implemented, the partners were looking to expand their waste recycling activities in Nepal. We have assisted them to develop an investment proposal and obtain funding for the development of a dry waste value chain (paper, glass, plastic, metal) in Kathmandu. The project will create new jobs at the recycling plant and improve working conditions and income of small waste collectors. Mobile apps will be introduced to streamline waste collection from households as well.