The winners of the Nordic Climate Facility’s (NCF) 8th call for proposals have been announced. NCF finances innovative climate-change mitigation and adaption projects in developing countries. Having attracted more than 120 applicants across 20 countries, one of the winning proposals was co-developed by Advance Consulting.


Emerging Cooking Solutions, trading as SupaMoto, is Zambia’s leading clean cooking solutions provider. Since 2013, they have manufactured certified sustainable biomass pellets and distributed cooking stoves from Mimi Moto, the highest efficiency stove available on the market according to the Clean Cooking Alliance. Under their unique financing model, SupaMoto has reduced fuel expenditure, exposure to harmful air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions for thousands of households across Zambia.


To expand and deepen their impact, SupaMoto will pilot an enhanced version of the Mimi Moto stove among 2,500 Lusaka households, which is a real-time data enabled solution. The improved stove has the potential to unlock operational efficiencies within the service model, improve the credit/default risk, increase cookstove usage and reduce the cost of reaching underserved communities. Within 3 years SupaMoto expects to reach a further 20,000 households.


For more information about this project refer to the Nordic Climate Facility website or contact William Holden. More information about our services around fundraising can be found on the Advance Consulting website.