A Danish fashion company and a Bolivian llama fibre processing company formed a joint venture that has invested in a modern knitwear manufacturing workshop, equipment for sub-contractors and WRAP certification. Advance Consulting assisted the partners to develop the project proposal and business plan and has been involved in the project’s implementation. 


Aiayu ApS is a Danish fashion company that designs and sells llama-fibre knitwear to the high-end market in Europe. The knitwear is produced in Bolivia in cooperation with Altifibers S.A. from El Alto, La Paz. Altifibers is the only company in the world that can process llama fibre thanks to their proprietary dehairing technology.


The modern workshop allows the joint venture to produce larger series of knitwear at a competitive price in addition to the exclusive hand-knit products and thus reach a larger market. The WRAP certification provides assurances to buyers that manufacturing takes place under high international workplace standards. The joint venture company has recruited and trained 56 staff members and works with 90 hand-knitters.


The joint venture targets both the European, through Aiayu, as well as the North and South America market. To support its sales, the joint venture has also developed its own brand. 

Project location

La Paz, Bolivia

Project partners

Aiayu ApS & Altifibers SA

Total project budget

€ 1,499,000

External funding

Grant funding by the Dutch Government