Rietveld Truck Rendement Service B.V. (Rietveld) is a leading supplier of fleet management solutions for the transport sector. As of 2013, the company has extended its focus to the export market, generating substantial income for the company. Rietveld has identified a huge market opportunity in the Colombian transport sector, where the number of companies providing fleet management solutions is limited. Advance Consulting has assisted Rietveld with acquiring grant funding from the Dutch Government. 


Outdoor air pollution, for the large part caused by cars and trucks, kills about 8,000 Colombians each year. The problem is particularly present in cities, causing about one in 20 of all deaths in metropolitan areas. In Medellin, the situation has become so bad that the municipality was forced to implement a driving restriction prohibiting drivers from using their vehicles on given weekdays. In addition, one of the leading causes of death and disability in Colombia is road traffic injuries. Between 2010 and 2014 it was the second largest cause of violent death, with approximately 22% of the total number of deaths. Rietveld has developed two fleet management products that have been proven to be effective in combating these problems. 


Rietveld's premium products, EasyDrive Solo and EasyDrive Plus, provide clients accurate insights into the driving style of its drivers, fuel consumption, fuel theft and CO2 emissions, ultimately leading to significant cost savings, lower adverse impacts on the environment and a decreased number of accidents. EasyDrive Solo gives management an analytical tool (via reports on an online web-based application) to compare drivers, vehicles and vehicle groups (e.g. on fuel usage or driver handling), which gives them valuable input for cost-saving goals. EasyDrive Plus is an extension of EasyDrive Solo and helps to adjust the driving style of drivers. Through an active driving style assistant, the driver gets one to one feedback on his driving. 


Advance Consulting has supported Rietveld with developing a project plan to receive funding from the DHI subsidy programme. With the grant, Rietveld will demonstrate its products to three transportation companies located in Colombia. Refer to the DHI grant page for more information on the subsidy programme or contact Peter Bleeker for more information on this project. 

Project location


Project partners

Rietveld Truck Rendement Service B.V and La Puerta

Project period

2018 - 2019


External funding from the Dutch Government (DHI scheme)