Tomato farms in Jordan and the whole of the Mediterranean region are experiencing large losses due to the aggressive tomato pest Tuta absoluta (leaf miner), previously unknown to the region. As tomato is the main agricultural export product of Jordan, the effective and sustainable control of this pest was recognized as an absolute priority. As a response to this emerging problem, the first commercial vegetable hybrid seed breeding station in Jordan was established by the Dutch seed breeding company Bakker Brothers in a joint venture with the Jordanian agricultural trading and distribution company Alqabas Agricultural Co. 


The joint venture employs 21 staff members and contracted 10 farmers. Training was provided on tomato seed breeding, tomato agronomy, nursery activities, planting and replanting, hand pollinations, operating agricultural equipment, land preparation and sawing, hygiene at work, general and quality management. During project implementation, the eggplant Super Black F1, the tomato Tuta Rock F1 and the tomato Reksen F1 pest-resistant seed varieties were successfully bred and registered at the designated authorities in Jordan. 


The seed breeding station is operating according to the Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP) which is an international, transparent business chain system designed for hygiene in seed production and plant raising. Accredited companies operate according to the highest level of quality management.


Advance Consulting developed the project proposal in collaboration with the project partners and provided management support to comply with the performance and reporting conditions of the grant provider.  For more information on this project, please contact Irma Verhoosel.

Project location

Amman, Jordan

Project partners

Gebroeders Bakker Zaadteelt en Zaadhandel B.V. & Alqabas Agriculturalo Co.

External funder

Grant funding by the Dutch Government

Project budget

€ 964,300