SunCulture helps smallholder farmers in Africa to transition to more commercial farming through low-cost high-quality solar-powered irrigation technology along with data-driven financing as a stepping stone for other support services to raise agricultural productivity and improve livelihoods in the rural areas. Advance Consulting is assisting the company in fundraising to pilot and roll out its solution across Kenya and beyond. 


Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, SunCulture has developed the RainMaker, which is an affordable solar-powered irrigation kit designed for the mass market of underserved off-grid smallholder farmers. Farmers across Africa face many challenges including unreliable rainfall, low crop yields and lack of access to modern farming technology. Kenya, for instance, has 5.4 million hectares of arable land of which only 17% is suitable for rainfed agriculture – yet, only 3% of Kenyan agriculture is irrigated today. 


SunCulture has designed the RainMaker to meet the specific needs of smallholder farmers in Africa: they need robust, low-cost, high-performance and reliable technology to reduce climate vulnerability, increase productivity and switch to growing higher value crops. Following extensive testing and piloting in Kenya, the RainMaker was officially introduced to the market in October 2017. SunCulture offers the IoT-enabled RainMaker with Pay-As-You-Grow financing and data-driven information service for precision irrigation.


Please contact Peter Bleeker for more information. 


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Various locations in Africa

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