Through their joint venture Afrigas, Geogas Enterprise from Switzerland and Benco Trading from Sierra Leone implemented a project that has reduced the LPG retail price with 30% since its inception, thereby providing many Sierra Leoneans with an affordable, safe and portable energy source. Advance Consulting assisted in setting up the consortium and acquiring a grant from the Dutch government.


The project’s principal investment concerned an establishment of a bulk storage facility in Freetown. In addition, a cylinder filling station has been set up. Considerable training has been delivered with regard to technical, safety and administrative aspects. The project has provided new direct employment to over 50 persons and has generated income-earning opportunities for about 20 distributors serving the retail end of the chain.


Afrigas quickly became the nation’s leading bottler and seller of LPG. Afrigas made history on May 14th 2012, discharging a bulk carrier of LPG at the company’s terminal at Kissy in the East of Freetown. Afrigas’ experienced Portuguese Plant Manager, Mr Martinho Galvao, said, "This is a defining moment in the history of cooking fuel in Sierra Leone. Our state-of-the-art LPG plant will place this easy-to-use product within reach of all Sierra Leoneans. LPG will provide Sierra Leone with a safe and portable alternate energy source. It will help reduce deforestation, and its clean-burning properties will reduce the pollution that results from burning traditional fuels such as wood and kerosene."


Afrigas has made LPG affordable and readily available throughout Sierra Leone. The company’s bulk storage and cylinder filling plant, commissioned in February 2012, supply the domestic cylinder market nationally. Its convenient location allows LPG to be transported and used virtually anywhere, from downtown Freetown to more remote regions of the country.


For more information on this project, please contact Krisje Theuns-van Hees.

Project location

Sierra Leone, Freetown


Geogas Trading S.A. & Benco Trading Ltd.

Project budget

€ 1,500,000

External funding

Grant funding of 60% by the Dutch Government