Sea cucumber (Holothuria scabra) is a highly valued product in the Chinese food market. This tropical sea cucumber, easily collected from sea beds, has become drastically depleted in Madagascar. A consortium was set up to undertake research into sea cucumber farming with the aim to further develop its commercial farming activities, thereby contributing to the preservation of the species' natural stock. Advance Consulting has been assisting the consortium's activities since its inception.


The project partners for this project are commercial companies from France and Madagascar, active in the fisheries sector and with an interest in commercialization of the sea cucumber cultivation. The project partners have set up a sea cucumber hatchery, nursery, farming and processing activity, employing 140 staff, to realize sales volume of 5 ton of trepang (dried and processed sea cucumber) by the end of the project.


The consortium closely cooperates with neighbouring village communities with the intention to engage some 300 small fishermen in sea cucumber farming, thereby guaranteeing the participants a steady and fair income while diminishing the pressure on the natural stock of sea cucumber in the region. 


Advance Consulting assisted the partners to develop the project proposal and business plan and continues to be involved in the project’s implementation. For more information on this project, please refer to this video or contact Suzana Djodjo



Project location

Toliara district, Madagascar


Madagascar Seafood SAS, Copefrito SA & Madagascar Holothurie SA

Project budget

€ 1,493,150

External funding

Grant funding by the Dutch Government