In May 2017, Mr Solonandrasana Olivier Mahafaly, Prime Minister of Madagascar, and Mr Chabani Nourdine, Minister of Industry and Private Sector Development, officially inaugurated the new fruit processing facility of Madagascar Premium Exotica SA (MPE), a daughter company of the Scrimad Group. Advance Consulting assisted the project partners with their application for the grant and project management.

Madagascar Premium Exotica was established in 2014 by partners Scrimad and Ethiquable in response to the growing demand for fruit ingredients. The Scrimad Group is specialized in the export of fresh fruits, spices and fruit ingredients from Madagascar. Ethiquable is a French cooperative specialized in organic and fairtrade products, representing 30% of the French market.

The new fruit processing facility is based in Antananarivo and currently processes at least six fruit varieties for export. MPE trains supplying farmers in better cultivation and harvesting practices to increase the quantity and quality of their fruit harvest. The company currently employs 21 people year-round. In addition, MPE provides employment to 70 casual staff during peak season and 25 during low season. Over 850 smallholders supply fruit to the processing facility. MPE obtained fair trade, GlobalGAP and organic certification for the fruit puree supply chain in Madagascar. The organic fruit juices and purees produced by MPE are currently exported mainly to partner Ethiquable in France. 


For more information on the project, please refer to Suzana Djodjo.

Project location

Antananarivo, Madagascar


The Scrimad Group & Ethiquable

Project period

2014 - 2017

External funding

Grant funding by the Dutch Government