A sawmill company and a briquette manufacturing company have entered into a partnership to make efficient use of (waste) resources and jointly established the first briquette production factory in Malawi. The briquettes are a sustainable and affordable alternative to charcoal, nowadays the primary energy source for households in Malawi. Advance Consulting developed the project proposal in collaboration with the project partners and provided management support to comply with the performance and reporting conditions of the grant provider. 


Wood Industries Corporation Ltd. (WICO), based in Malawi, owns three different pinewood sawmills in different parts of the country: Zomba (South), Dedza (Central) and Chikangawa (North). Demeco Enterprises Ltd. from Sri Lanka is specialized in the manufacturing, sales and distribution of biomass briquette manufacturing machinery. Sawdust, a by-product at sawmills is converted into different types of high-quality briquettes which are used as bio-fuel. The factory has the capacity to produce 450 tons of briquettes per month. 


The project has led to the creation of 44 new jobs and staff has been trained in applying technologies, quality-improvement and safety procedures. A sales and distribution scheme was developed during the project implementation period, involving 70 regional agents in different parts of the country, thereby providing them with a sustainable income. 


For more information on this project, please contact Irma Verhoosel.

Project location

Zomba, Malawi

Project budget

€ 627,511


Demeco Enterprises & Wood Industries Corporation Limited

External funding

Grant funding by the Dutch government