SolarWorks! is an integrated off-grid power solution provider based in the Netherlands, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola and Liberia. In early 2016, the company sold solar systems through a PAYG model for the first time in Mozambique. Advance Consulting supported SolarWorks! in acquiring grant funding from GSMA.


Mozambique is characterised by a very low rate of rural electrification, a nascent mobile money market with limited penetration in rural areas, and very low levels of awareness of and trust in high-quality solar products. SolarWorks has designed a solution that responds to the particular market characteristics of Mozambique. Following a successful first phase of operation in Mozambique, SolarWorks! intents to improve their operation by setting up a comprehensive data monitoring tool that combines weather forecasting data and user data to make Solar Home Systems self-learning and minimize system downtime. Through the grant from GSMA, solar home system downtime will be minimized resulting in improved customer satisfaction and lower energy cost resulting in improved repayment rates. 


Advance Consulting has assisted SolarWorks! with developing a project proposal to acquire grant funding from GSMA's Mobile for Development Utilities Innovation Fund and remains to be involved in the project by providing support on project management. For more information on this project, please contact Krisje Theuns-van Hees


Mozambique, Inhambana province



Project budget

USD 245,620

External funding

GSMA - Mobile for Development Utilities Innovation Fund