Agriculture in Myanmar is characterized by low productivity and farmer income, worsened by a vulnerability to climate change-related events. Due to increasingly erratic weather patterns, farmers experience difficulties in predicting weather conditions and planning production-related activities. Myanma Awba Group (Awba), the leading agricultural input supplier in Myanmar, aims to respond to this problem by forming a consortium with other companies. The consortium uses spatial and other geodata for providing effective, time and location specific advisory services to smallholder farmers. Advance Consulting assisted Awba with acquiring external financing from the G4AW programme.


The project will target 850,000 farming families or 1,020,000 individual users/food producers growing rice, green and black gram, maize, groundnut, potato and sesame. The partnership will provide information shaped by satellite data, which enables farmers to improve their agricultural practices and optimize the use of inputs, resulting in enhanced crop performance and yields. The objective is to reach out to farmers with critical information on crop planning, good agricultural practices during production, access to improved technologies and inputs, efficient use of agro-inputs, early warnings on pest and disease outbreaks, extreme weather patterns, and market intelligence for increased income. The information will be accessible through various channels, of which a smart-phone based application will be the main channel of communication. In summary, farmers can access information on the following main areas:


  • Daily localised weather data;
  • Agronomic crop tips and alerts;
  • Insights into the use of good agricultural practices;
  • Market & product related information;
  • Access to incentives.


Advance Consulting assisted Awba with setting up a consortium and developing a project proposal to acquire grant funding from the G4AW programme. Advance Consulting will support the project partners with adhering to the requirements that come with the subsidy. Refer to the G4AW grant page for more information on the subsidy programme. Contact Titus Sendrowicz for more information on the project. 

Project location



Awba Group, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, SarVision, Terrasphere, VillageLink, Weather Impact

Project period

2018 - 2021

External funding

Grant funding from the G4AW programme