A Dutch and a Nepalese company have entered into an enriching partnership in their joint goal to transfer knowledge on livestock farming to Nepalese farmers by means of e-learning modules. Advance Consulting has introduced the partners and facilitated the partnership development, supported in obtaining grant funding from the Austrian Development Agency, and assisted them during the project implementation.


By combining AgriHolland’s expertise in developing digital learning content for the agricultural sector and Midas’ extensive experience with IT and educational programmes in Nepal, the partners have managed to offer Nepalese smallholder livestock farmers an innovative and simple solution to improve their farming practices and increase their income from farming.


Through farmer groups and local NGOs, 4,500 farmers have been reached. They have received tablets with learning modules for cow, buffalo, goat and pig farming, containing topics such as feed preparation and feeding practice, animal shelter and hygiene, disease detection and treatment, animal breeding and market information. At present, the pilot phase is being evaluated and a plan for further scaling of the concept is being developed.


For more information on this project or similar projects, please contact Suzana Djodjo.


Photo credit: CIAT International Center for Tripical Agriculture

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