Hester Biosciences, with financial support from the Dutch Government, has set up a vaccine production facility in Nepal. By upscaling its production capacity and extending the range of veterinary medicines, Hester Biosciences, in a joint venture with Him Electronics, responded to the increasing worldwide demand for high-quality veterinary vaccines. Advance Consulting has assisted the project partners to develop a project proposal to acquire grant funding from the Dutch Government.

Hester Biosciences is a veterinary manufacturer from India. Its ambition is to acquire a large share of the international market for veterinary vaccines. In 2011, due to the increasing demand for high-quality veterinary vaccines in India, the company chose to scale up its production capacity. Despite their presence in India, Hester Biosciences chose to establish a production centre in Nepal. The main reason being was that the veterinary authorities of India did not allow production of vaccines for animal diseases and disease strains. In order to set up the production facility in Nepal, Hester Biosciences formed a joint venture with Him Electronics under the name of Hester Biosciences Nepal Private Limited (HBNPL). HBNPL was Nepal’s first animal vaccine manufacturing unit in the private sector.

The vaccine manufacturing facility completed testing and started production in November 2016. With the installed capacity of 44 million Live PPR vaccines in 100 dose packs annually, the factory is currently producing PPR vaccines (Peste des Petits Ruminants) for sheep and goat. HBNPL currently targets the veterinary markets in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria and Saudi Arabia through a strong distribution network. HBNPL complies with all requirements of ISO 14001 regarding air, water, waste and other environmental aspects of the business. The joint venture currently employs over 45 people that receive salaries that are at least 10% above the minimum wages in Nepal.

Advance Consulting assisted the project partners with management support to comply with the requirements of the donor. For more information on this project, please contact Suzana Djodjo.

Project location

Bhaktapur, Nepal

Project partners

Hester Biosciences Ltd. & Him Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

External funder

Grant funding by the Dutch Government (PSI)

Project budget

€ 1,500,000