Hebron for Iron and Steel Industry Partnership Private Limited is a joint venture between the Italian company Strabla S.N.C and Al Haddad Investment and Steel Company since January 2013. The joint venture aimed to produce iron billets from local scrap to ensure Al Haddad of a steady supply and to take advantage of the relatively low price of scrap available on the West Bank. Advance Consulting developed the winning project proposal in collaboration with the project partners and provided management support to comply with the performance and reporting conditions of the Dutch government, the grant provider.


Before the implementation of the project, All Haddad iron billets were imported from Turkey and Al Haddad suffered from an unreliable, irregular supply. One of the reasons for the frequent postponement of the delivery is the fluctuating steel price. On average the production at Al Haddad was interrupted for three to four months per year due to this. Own production was needed to secure reliable input for the existing factory.


The technology that was implemented in this project consists of two parts: the furnace with induction technology and the continuous casting line. With the new furnace, the carbon and magnesium content of the iron can be adapted. Thereby, the ‘hardness’ of the steel can be manipulated as needed for different applications. In construction, for example, more hardness is needed and therefore more carbon and magnesium is added; for furniture, ‘softer’ steel is required.


Through this project, a total of 86 new jobs were created and the staff was trained in operational procedures, maintenance and repair, chemical engineering, electronics, general management, ISO 9001, quality and safety and health.


For more information on this project, please contact Irma Verhoosel.

Project location

Hebron, Palestinian Authority


Strabla S.N.C. & Al Haddad Investment and Steel Company

Project budget

€ 1,494,000

External funding

Grant funding by the Dutch Government