In the southern areas of Bangladesh, soils become increasingly saline. Vegetable cultivation, which is important both from nutritional and income generating perspectives, is declining. Advance Consulting has supported the seed company Lal Teer to obtain grant funding from USAID through which it could develop saline-tolerant vegetable seed varieties.


Lal Teer Ltd is the first research-based and the largest private-sector seed company in Bangladesh. Through the project, the company has responded to the soil salinity matter by developing saline-tolerant vegetable seed varieties with easily adoptable methods for cultivating in the highly saline areas of Bangladesh. Key aspects of the project are:


  • Selling affordable saline tolerant vegetable seeds;

  • Support cultivating seeds on raised beds with mulch;

  • Support drip or pipe irrigation;

  • Establish linkages between farmers and micro-finance institutions;

  • Advisory services (using ICT and extensions offices).


This project directly contributes to the preservation of the soil quality and is expected to improve yield, income and financial inclusion of ten-thousands of farmers, thus positively improving livelihood and food security.


Advance Consulting has supported Lal Teer to obtain grant funding from USAID. Moreover, Advance Consulting is assisting Lal Teer with ongoing project management. For more information on this project, please contact Michel Geerligs.

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