Easy Solar distributes and finances a full range of solar products throughout the country. Building on the successes and failures in East Africa, the company has entered Sierra Leone with a transformative tiered sales approach of PAYG solar products. Easy Solar uniquely focuses on inclusive impact by initially targeting BoP consumers with affordable entry-level products, and then upselling larger products to qualifying customers.


Easy Solar’s unique model transforms PAYG solar by (a) addressing the absence of credit-scoring mechanisms causing high down-payments to determine ability to pay, and (b) tailoring the PAYG mobile money based financing solution to the country’s cash-based environment. Easy Solar does this through the initial sale of an “affordable to all” solar lantern on PAYG basis. The lanterns generate only a small share of revenue compared to the large volumes sold, but allow the company to raise awareness about solar, create trust in its local brand, ensure customer density needed for easy cash collection, and collect repayment data which it uses to assess the creditworthiness of customers (credit scoring). Credit scoring allows Easy Solar to lower the down-payment for a SHS, therewith making SHS more affordable.


Krisje Theuns-van Hees has successfully assisted Easy Solar in acquiring grant finance from the Fund for Rural Prosperity (MasterCard Foundation). Contact her for more information on the project. 


Project location

Sierra Leone


Easy Solar Limited

External funding

Grant finance from the Fund for Rural Prosperity (MasterCard Foundation)

Project period

2018 - 2020