In spite of the rapid growth of wellness tourism worldwide, Suriname was completely missing out on this development. The project team, supported by various (international) experts, have developed a unique Maroon wellness centre with international appeal. Advance Consulting supported the project partners by developing a winning proposal to acquire grant funding from the Dutch Government.


The Maroon wellness centre integrates elements of Maroon culture in its design and offers local treatments derived from Maroon culture in combination with modern wellness treatments. In addition to the Maroon wellness centre, a Maroon knowledge centre provides information on the culture and practices of the Maroon and offers space for exhibitions. The wellness centre is part of a larger development including a hotel and villas. The gradual development of the resort will increase the demand for the wellness services by offering a combination of wellness programmes and accommodation.


The Wellness Centre Suriname (WCS) has been officially open since October 2016 and proof of concept has been demonstrated from the start by the positive reactions of guests and the number of repeat customers. The company currently employs over thirty people of which 74% is female. All employees have been trained and new training is regularly developed to respond to the requirements of the market.


Advance Consulting developed the project proposal in collaboration with the project partners and provided management support to comply with the performance and reporting conditions of the grant provider. For more information on this project, please contact Peter Bleeker.

Project location

Domburg, Suriname

Project partners

Tacstone La Rive, Bouwbedrijf Kiesel & De Wellness Company

External funder

Grant funding by the Dutch Government

Project budget

€ 1,287,365