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About Us

Advance Consulting connects the needs and opportunities of the private sector with the world of impact financing. Since 1999, we have successfully assisted hundreds of companies to qualify for grants, loans and equity from various sources, generally for investment projects in Asia, Africa, Latin American and Eastern Europe. In addition, we advise Dutch government organisations and NGOs on private sector development in developing countries.

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Our team

Our team of business advisors and project managers has broad international experience from diverse backgrounds. Between us, we speak and write fluently Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Croatian. We share a genuine interest in development cooperation and the commitment to ‘making a difference’ by supporting responsible business development in less developed countries. We love travelling to meet our clients and work on exciting business opportunities.

Our approach

You will have found us or we will have found you, through our extended network, if not the internet. We make considerable efforts to understand your business case, so that we are convinced that we can match your proposition with funds and, if applicable, business partner, before we sign a contract with you. We generally work on performance – often no-cure, no-fee – with full commitment to deliver you results. We thus become your partner, working closely with you and sharing the fruits of success and the pain of failure.

Our values

Our work is governed by our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, which translates in concrete commitments towards our staff, environment and society. We use the same values to inspire our clients to develop inclusive business with a strong triple bottom line.