Complaints Procedure


As Advance Consulting we want to be transparent about who we are and what we do. We are open to complaints about our work or our company from external individuals or parties. People who feel negatively affected by Advance Consulting or our representatives have the opportunity to submit a complaint. Your complaint will also help us to recognize problems and to improve our work.


Do you have a complaint about an Advance Consulting project or behavior within that project? Have you already discussed it with our (local) implementing organization or one of our staff members but were you not able to find a satisfiable solution? Or is there another reason why you don’t want or can’t discuss this complaint with our (local) implementing organization or one of our staff members? 

Via the procedure below, you can file your complaint with your contact details. We kindly ask you to submit your complaint by filling in the complaint form on our website. This way we can gather complaints in a single location. We emphasize that all contact details and content of the complaint will be filed confidentially. 

After the complaint is filed via the webform, it will be read by the internal confidential counsellor of Advance Consulting.

We aim to respond within 14 working days by e-mail, to discuss the cause of the complaint and try to resolve it to your satisfaction. Depending on the nature of the complaint, we will discuss it with the parties involved, and attempt to find a satisfiable solution. The handling of the complaint will not happen without the knowledge and approval of the complainant. The complaint will be closed with a written confirmation of the solution, including measures and sanctions taken if applicable. 

Complaint regarding Sexual Exploitation, Abuse or Harassment (SEAH)?

In the Integrity & Safeguarding policy of Advance Consulting, the following is mentioned about sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment:

Any type of sexual activity or inappropriate behavior, which could be deemed to be sexually offensive, provocative, coercive or abusive with any person and especially vulnerable people, in particular a child (a person under the age of 18), is prohibited regardless of local custom, or the age of majority or consent locally. Mistaken belief in the age of a child is no defense.

The procedure for a complaint about sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment is the same as written above. We realize this can be sensitive and we will treat your complaint accordingly.

Complaints Form

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