We support our clients and partners with actionable research, market sector studies and feasibility assessments. In partnership with our sister company Advance Insight we support SMEs to organise, digitalize and optimise their operations, finances, and ultimately impact. We design and conduct impact measurement for private sector development programmes.  


Studies & due diligence

We perform research into markets and value chains, such as feasibility and sector studies. We also conduct valuations, investment appraisals,  and environmental, social and governance (ESG) assessments on businesses, on behalf of funds and donors.

Impact measurement

We monitor and measure progress towards the targets and impact of private sector development programmes in which we are involved. With our sister company Advance Insight, we support businesses to improve their performance tracking and adaptive management of business administration as well as impact targets. 

Digital solutions

Advance Insight is a spinoff of Advance Consulting and supports the digital transformation of ambitious and high-impact SMEs. Advance Insight develops custom digital solutions on the Odoo ERP platform, enabling easy integration of systems and processes.