Foto Jan Boone4  

Jan Boone – World Wide Recycling Group

“We really enjoyed working with one of Advance Consulting’s senior business consultants to optimize our business plan for presentation to development finance organisations. They also successfully assisted us to qualify for a German grant programme that previously was unknown to us.”

Bakker Brothers  

Wouter Bakker – Bakker Brothers

“Advance Consulting: pleasant and skilled people with an understanding of business in emerging countries and a good eye for opportunities; highly recommended!"


Antoine Gudefin – Geogas Entreprise S.A.S.

“Advance Consulting has provided an outstanding assistance which can only be highly recommended. Their reactivity, creativity and efficiency have allowed to materialize our LPG project in Sierra Leone and make it an unquestionable success. They have been present from the early stages to the very last steps, sharing all the way their broad experience of both international institutions and developing countries.”

Cosmeline products ltd. logo  

Jiad Swaid – Cosmeline Products Ltd.

“In 2012 Advance Consulting assisted our group’s Soap Manufacturing Company in Sierra Leone to obtain an overseas U.S. Dollar denominated loan from BIO- Belgium. Advance Consulting completed a comprehensive business plan, undertook the loan application and were instrumental in securing a competitive loan term sheet within an ASTONISHING short period of time. We were fully satisfied with their efficiency and professionalism. Peter Bleeker and his dedicated staff at Advance Consulting truly demonstrated outstanding knowledge of financial instruments, interpersonal skills and above all versatility to quickly understand challenging issues in various economic sectors. We have never let go of their firm… as we continue to work with Advance Consulting on other projects.”

Lal teer English Logo PNG  

Faisal Ahmed – Lal Teer

Lal Teer Seed Limited has been working with Advance Consulting since 2010 on various projects. Their expert advisory services and experienced consultants have helped us to successfully complete several international donor projects and have supported us on idea generation, project proposal development and management support. Their services have enabled us to organize and manage multi-stakeholder partnerships, manage funds efficiently as well as guiding us towards achieving donor project objectives. Through these projects, we have been able to implement development interventions within the private sector, which have added much value to Lal Teer's contribution to the agricultural sector of Bangladesh. We are glad to have Advance Consulting by our side and look forward to strengthening our partnership in the future. 

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Pleun Rietveld - Rietveld Truck Rendement B.V.

"Advance Consulting has successfully assisted Rietveld in acquiring funding for two of our projects in Uganda and Colombia, allowing us to demonstrate our innovative solutions in emerging countries. We perceive Advance Consulting as a highly professional and knowledgeable consulting firm when it comes to raising impact finance."