The Business Partnerships Platform (BBP) is an aid programme from the Australian Government, managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The programme wants to address development challenges and stimulate private sector development in developing countries, thereby supporting economic growth, incomes and jobs. 



The programme organizes country-specific windows as well as multiple country windows. Open calls will be published on our calls page



The BBP provides grants ranging from AUD 100,000 (~EUR 65,000) to AUD 500,000 (~EUR 315,000). Applicants should co-contribute at least 50% of the proposed implementation costs. 


Project focus

The BBP programme is eligible for initiatives aimed towards creating scalable shared value partnerships that advance economic and social conditions in developing countries. Eligible sectors are: 


  • Resources and clean energy
  • Economic governance
  • Agriculture, water and fisheries
  • Tourism
  • ICT and financial inclusion 
  • Transport and infrastructure 
  • Education and health 


Depending on the country, only selected sectors are eligible for project proposals. Refer to the country and sector list


Target countries 

Projects should be implemented in one of the countries included in the BBP country list. Please refer to the list of eligible countries and sectors for an overview of the eligible countries. 


Eligible applicants

The BBP programme is open for businesses or other types of organizations undertaking, or looking to undertake, initiatives of a commercial nature in one of the eligible sectors in one of the participating countries. More than one organization may be involved in the application. 



Grant applications involve the submission of a project proposal. Subject to BBP's positive evaluation of the project proposal, BBP will request applicants to refine their application and business plan in accord to its feedback. After re-submission of the refined business plans and associated documents, DFAT will make a final section of the winning initiatives. The last stage involves a due diligence.  


Why work with Advance Consulting 

Advance Consulting assists companies to access impact finance: grants, concessional loans and social equity intended to create positive impact beyond financial return. We have first-hand knowledge of funding options that may apply to your case. Please note that Advance Consulting is not affiliated with the programme. Contact for further information on the Business Partnerships Platform programme.