The DOEN Foundation (abbreviated as DOEN), with the contribution of the Dutch Charity Lotteries, supports over 200 initiatives annually, through subsidies, equity investments, and loans. DOEN supports both large and small initiatives and acts from the philosophy: subsidize where necessary, provide equity investments, loans and guarantees where possible.


DOEN is open for applications throughout the year on a rolling basis.


There is no maximum nor minimum amount to DOEN’s contribution, but typically DOEN finances a maximum of 1/3 of the project budget.


Project focus
DOEN Foundation supports enterprises and organisations in the Netherlands and abroad (East Africa and India) which focus on devising, developing and implementing innovative initiatives that are closely connected with their environment, are flexible and are capable of tapping into various sources of financing. The implicit objective of all the initiatives that DOEN supports is that they should make a contribution to a green, socially-inclusive, and/or creative society.


Two key themes that fall within Advance Consulting’s mandate are:


  1. Sustainable Energy for Everyone: Innovative enterprises in developing economies dedicated to facilitating access to sustainable energy, enabling consumers themselves to generate sustainable energy and save energy. In developing economies consumers still have extremely limited access to sustainable energy and almost no opportunity to generate sustainable energy themselves. DOEN finances initiatives in East Africa and India, that give consumers access to sustainable energy and initiatives that enable them to generate energy themselves
  2. Towards a Fair and Sustainable Food System: DOEN funds sustainable entrepreneurs and business models working innovatively towards the transition of a sustainable food system in East Africa. There is a focus on local recycling and new models that make maximum use of raw materials. 


Target countries
Outside of the Netherlands, DOEN only supports projects in East Africa and India. 


Eligible applicants
The applicant must be a legal entity.



Applications must be submitted using an online application form. Applications can be submitted throughout the year and there are no deadlines. On average, the application procedure takes four months.

 Why work with Advance Consulting?

Advance Consulting successfully assisted a number of clients in acquiring DOEN financing. We can support and guide you, from the initial assessment of your project idea up to the approval by DOEN. For further information on the DOEN Foundation you can fill in the contact form. Please note that Advance Consulting is not affiliated with DOEN Foundation.