The Energy and Environment Partnership Programme of Southern & East Africa (EEP S&EA) is a challenge fund that promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean technology investments in the Southern and East African regions. The EEP Programme supports projects which aim to provide sustainable energy services and energy security to the poor in rural and semi-urban areas while combatting climate change.



Currently, there is no EEP call open. 



EEP Innovation window provides early-stage grants and repayable grants between EUR 200,000 and EUR 500,000. The minimum co-financing is 30% of the total project budget.


Project focus

Your project should implement innovative clean energy plans, technologies and business models, with a particular focus on clean energy for productive use and clean energy in circular economy solutions. Eligible technologies are Biofuels liquid, Biogas, Cookstoves, Energy Efficiency, Hybrid, Hydropower, Solar PV, Solar thermal, Solid biomass, Waste to energy and Wind power.


EEP makes a selection based on:


  1. Innovation
  2. Impact
  3. Financial Sustainability


Target countries
Projects should be implemented in one of the countries included in the EEP country list. Please refer to the EEP country list for an overview of the eligible countries. 


Eligible applicants
EEP is open for applications from different organisations and companies, as well as partnerships, including:


  • Companies and start-ups
  • Non-profit and social enterprises
  • Research institutes


EEP is a competitive grant programme, attracting far more applications than can be funded. Selection follows a two-staged procedure:


  • Stage one: concept note
  • Stage two: full proposal, subject to EEP’s positive evaluation of the concept note

 Why work with Advance Consulting?

Advance Consulting developed successful EEP applications for clients with projects in Burundi (2), Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya (3) and Mozambique. We will guide and help you, from the initial assessment of your project idea up to the approval of the EEP application. Note that Advance Consulting is not affiliated with EEP. Contact for further information on the EEP programme.