Mobile for Development brings together mobile operator members, tech innovators, the development community and governments, to prove the power of mobile in emerging markets. It identifies opportunities and delivers innovations with socio-economic impact in financial services, health, agriculture, digital identity, energy, water, sanitation, disaster resilience and gender equality.



GSMA has various calls for applications on a continuous basis. Check out our calls page for a selection of open calls. 



GSMA windows provide innovation, early-stage, and scale-up grants up to an amount of GBP 300,000. The minimum co-financing is 30% to 50% of the total project budget.


Project focus

GSMA Mobile for Development currently runs three Innovation Funds, which aim to foster innovation in mobile technology in order to increase socio-economic impact. Successful grantees receive grant funding as well as mentoring, technical assistance and opportunities to build partnerships in the mobile industry.


  • The Disaster Response Innovation Fund provides funding for projects that use mobile technology to assist and empower individuals or communities affected by humanitarian emergencies, or to strengthen prevention, preparedness and response in disaster contexts.


  • The Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund provides selected start-ups in Africa and Asia with grant funding and the opportunity to partner with mobile operators in their markets to help scale their products and services into sustainable businesses.


  • The Mobile for Development Utilities Innovation Fund aims to test and scale the use of mobile to improve or increase access to energy, water and sanitation services.


Target countries

Companies and organisations working in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 


Eligible applicants

GSMA is open for applications from different organisations and companies, as well as partnerships, including:


  • Companies and start-up
  • Non-profit and social enterprises
  • Research institutes
  • Mobile network operators


GSMA is a competitive grant programme, attracting far more applications than can be funded. Selection usually follows a two-staged procedure:


  • Stage one: concept note
  • Stage two: full proposal, subject to GSMA’s positive evaluation of the concept note


Why work with Advance Consulting?

Advance Consulting developed a successful GSMA application for a client with a project in Mozambique. We will guide and help you, from the initial assessment of your project idea up to the approval of the GSMA application. Contact for further information on the GSMA programme.