The SDG Partnership Facility (SDG Partnerschap Faciliteit in Dutch, abbreviated as SDGP), formerly known as the Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security facility (Fonds Duurzaam Ondernemen en Voedselzekerheid in Dutch, abbreviated as FDOV) is a grant programme for public-private partnerships working in the field of food security and private sector development. SDGP is a grant programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is managed by RVO, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. SDGP-funded projects will directly contribute towards the achievement of the following Sustainable Development Goals:


  • 2: Zero hunger
  • 8: Decent work and economic growth
  • 17: Partnerships


In addition, SDGP-funded projects are also expected to deliver results, where possible, related to the following Sustainable Development Goals:


  • 5: Gender equality
  • 12: Sustainable production & consumption:
  • 13: Climate action


The SDGP tender programme is currently closed. Refer to the calls page for funding programmes that are open for applications. 


The available budget for the first tender round is EUR 35 million. SDGP can subsidize up to 50% of the project budget. The minimum SDGP grant is EUR 500,000 and the maximum is EUR 3,000,000 per project.


Project focus
Your public-private partnership should focus on one of these SDGP-themes:


  • Nutritional value: reducing malnutrition by improving access and consumption of healthy food throughout the year;
  • Sustainable value chains: developing value chains that promote agricultural growth and/or create better and more efficient working conditions;
  • Sustainable and climate-resilient food production systems: contributing to sustainable food production systems and ecologically sustainable food systems that are resilient to climate change;
  • Better working conditions and income for youth (35 years or younger) and women workers, by promoting both jobs and independent entrepreneurship.


Target countries

Projects should be implemented in one of the countries included in the country list. Please refer to the SDGP country list for an overview of the eligble countries. 


Eligible applicants
SDGP is open for applications from a consortium of organisations, which must include at least:


  • One public/government body
  • One company/business
  • One NGO or knowledge institution


Within this partnership at least one partner should be from the Netherlands and one should be from the country where the project activities will be implemented. One of the Dutch partners will apply for the grant to the Ministry on behalf of the partnership and will become SDGP project coordinator upon approval of the application.


SDGP is a competitive grant programme, attracting far more applications than can be funded. Selection follows a two-staged procedure:


  • Stage one: concept note
  • Stage two: full proposal, subject to RVO’s positive evaluation of the concept note


Why work with Advance Consulting?

Advance Consulting has developed several successful FDOV (now known as SDGP) applications for clients with projects in Asia and Africa. We can guide and help you, from the initial assessment of your project idea up to the approval of the SDGP application. Contact for further information on the SDGP programme.