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“Climate & carbon finance aximpelitae pro elles cuptat archicit fugit.”

If your company’s financing needs cannot be met by grants and loans, equity finance may be an option. For a start-up business, equity finance (venture capital) is often the only financing possibility. Equity investors generally seek a minority stake, preferring the entrepreneur to maintain the leading shareholding position. 

Equity investors include social capital funds and development finance institutions (DFIs) providing capital to businesses that create positive impact. These impact investors are looking for business cases that provide sustainable and scalable solutions to social and

environmental challenges, aside from an attractive financial return. 

We can connect you to our impact investment network to help finance your business. We help prepare your proposition (investment memorandum or pitch deck) and underlying business plan and assist you in negotiating a fair and mutually rewarding partnership with investors. Scaling up a high growth business requires a sequence of funding rounds (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, etc.). Each stage has its own challenges when it comes to raising capital. We can help you to prepare for each stage and progress to the next level.