Jordanian horticulture farmers are facing a number of challenges. The crisis in neighboring Syria has caused once-lucrative export markets to be cut off and many horticulture farmers are stuck, indebted and see no easy way to improve their business. In response to this situation, Advance Consulting and consortium partners have teamed up to increase the competitiveness in the Jordanian SME horticulture sector. With a dedicated local project team, Advance Consulting introduces innovative techniques, technologies, training, and horticulture advice for 80 SME horticulture farmers in Jordan. A total of 800 Jordanian horticulture farmers will benefit from the support of this pilot project.


Jordan has been a major regional producer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Middle East. Due to the recent crisis in Syria, access to export markets in Eastern Europe and Russia are disrupted. In addition, competition levels in Middle Eastern export markets are increasing. Meeting product quality standards and controlling pesticide residue levels also remain a challenge. As a result, many horticulture farmers are indebted and can hardly make ends meet. For the medium- and long-term, the increasing water scarcity in the Jordan Highlands and poor quality of water for irrigation add to the existing challenges.


During the inception phase of the pilot project, Advance Consulting investigated the value chain and growing practices in the Jordanian horticulture sector. Now, together with experts from Wageningen University and with the Jordanian farmers, we test and demonstrate cost-effective innovations at SME horticulture farms in the Jordan Valley and the Highlands to:


  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Reduce water use
  • Produce healthy crops with no chemical residues
  • Sustain employment and improve conditions of work


The outcomes of these pilot activities are being used to develop recommendations for scaling up sustainable and market-driven innovations in Jordan’s horticulture sector. Through field days, training events, and publications we are informing farmers, private sector, research organizations and the Jordanian public sector. The pilot project will achieve an impact at 800 Jordanian vegetable farms by the end of 2021.


Advance Consulting developed the proposal and is the main implementing organization for this project. For more information visit our project website: or contact Cedric van Oene.

Project location

Amman, Jordan

Project partners

- Wageningen University & Research

- Profyta

- Holland Door


Project budget